Major Changes

New Launch Date: JANUARY

The Space Hamsters Development Team after lengthy discussion with our various advertising collaborators have decided that launching Thanksgiving week was ill advised. After several Dev Calls with our most engaged community members we have all agreed that it is in the best interest of the project to delay launch to give advertisers ample time to push our project forward. We will use this time to further develop our Space Race Game, as well as refine our utility to reward those who stick with us for the additional weeks into 2022.

New Blockchain: SOLANA

Another outcome of our discussion with our "OG's" (community members who have contributed to the growth of the project of their own volition) has presented Solana as a better alternative to Ethereum. Solana has many benefits including lower gas fees, and a much higher percentage of newly launched NFT projects (30% in Oct.) compared to ETH (8% in Oct). We have decided that we will use a portion of this extra time to rework our smart contract to be hosted on the Solana Blockchain which will have many reciprocal benefits for all, most notably more than 75% in Gas Fee savings.

New Utility: ???

We do not promise anything we cannot deliver, and so we will not be providing details at this time, but expect additional utility to be implemented to the project in the coming weeks. This will not raise the mint price or in any way exclude current hamster enthusiasts from minting as planned.


We wanted to reward current whitelisted members and those who won their FREE NFT via our many invite contests. We will be unlocked a "whitelist v1" so-to-speak for our current whitelisted members. New members will be added to the whitelist, but we want to ensure that the first listed get access to their NFTs in advance of the rest. Please feel free to ask us questions about this policy in our Discord or on Twitter.


To pass the time until 2022 we will be increasing our server interaction through many games, giveaways, private races in our Space Race Game, movie nights, and many more fun activities. Be sure to participate in our Discord! These events will begin after Thanksgiving.

Closing note:

Thank you all for sticking with us over this last month and a half. It has been a wild ride and we are more determined and excited than ever to get this project to go to far places. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT MY FRIENDS. Determination and dedication is what makes great projects, and we have all of that and so much more.

-Adm. Fuz