Launch Month is HERE!!

With less than 30 days until Project Launch the Space Hamsters Team is setting thrusters to maximum power and soaring this project into the atmosphere. This week's updates features many excited changes an announcements:

Giveaways Begin!

The Space Hamsters Team has allocated a portion of the marketing budget to give back to the early supporters in the form of various giveaways such as the one below.

Other competitions this week will be held for whitelist spots, server privledges, and even free NFTs!

Updated Artwork!

The collection has expanded! Featuring several new skins, many new backgrounds, and various eyes, mouths, and more! The collection will expand a bit more closer to launch as we finalize our special Unique Hamsters (1/1s) and create the official DAPPS contract for public mint.

Team Expansion!

The Space Force has expanded bringing on a new Marketing Director who is responsible for growing the server and reaching out to influencers as we blast our social medias into orbit. We are proud to announce that on his first day the Space Hamsters Discord grew by almost 20%!! If we can keep this pace we will surely be a top 10 collection in no time!

Website Changes

Less exciting, but still important, the website has been given another overhaul to better purpose itself for new or unfamiliar viewers. This includes ease of access updates to the nav-bar, some updated site imagery, and these updates of course :)

More to come this week, stay posted Ham Fam!

-Adm. Fuz