NFTs Explained

The What

In short, NFTs are like stocks. Each NFT is part of a collection, or the "company" that the NFT, or "stock" represents. The NFT's value fluctuates based on the market's interpretation of its likelihood to continue providing for its holders or "investors." These collections are traded not on stock trading platforms, but on NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea, where the digital commodities are traded via cryptocurrency. This means that the value of each NFT will also be correlated to the value of the blockchain it is a part of. In our case we use Ethereum to trade our NFTs via the OpenSea Marketplace or our Website, and have created a crypto-coin based off of the Ethereum Blockchain to give back to holders each week to reward them for being a part of our community.

The Why

NFTs are investments. The world of Crypto is just revealing the first of its potential, and with it come many opportunities to help shape it. Space Hamster NFT Owners will mint or purchase a hamster for one of two reasons:

1. They genuinely like the project, and look forward to participating in the community, as opposed to using the NFT solely for quick financial gain.

2. They believe that the project will see a spike in trade activity or floor price, either due to a project goal being met, or a correlated cryptocurrency to be projected to flourish.

While both owners are a part of any NFT community, we strongly encourage the Type 1s to mint. While holding benefits every Hamster Owner in our community by increasing the floor price for the entire collection, the real reason these people are so important is that we have put a lot of effort into the delivery of this collection, and we appreciate those who do not use our hard work as a vessel for a "quick flip on some digital art."

The How

How does one participate in Space Hamsters NFT? It is simple. The easiest and most cost effective way to be a part of the Ham-Fam is to participate in our Discord Community where we will be hosting weekly competitions, giveaways, and grant Whitelist spots to our most engaged members. These people will benefit from getting to mint (or receive a FREE NFT) ahead of the public mint when gas fees (a crypto bandwidth usage tax) are much higher due to the volume of traffic that competes to get their Hamster before they are all minted. Once all 10,000 Hamsters are minted the collection will be uploaded to OpenSea where the entire world will see each hamster's attributes, rarities, and value. 

The When

We plan to launch in January as we finalize project elements such as our competitive Space Race game, where Hamster Owners will get to compete each week for the week's Trade Volume Royalties. Be sure to hold on to your NFT to participate in future project events.

The Where

Feel free to join us via Discord, Instagram, or Twitter!